I first fell in love with photography when I took my high school's film/darkroom classes. Where I learned on my own how to shoot manual and compose an image...mostly of my childhood dog. She was the face of all my homework projects since I'm an only child. The summer of 2010, after I graduated high school, I went all in and started my business at just 18 years old.  Three short years later I became so busy I was able to pursue photography as my full-time career! In that 10 year span I've been published in 45 magazines, three of those being the cover. I have photographed Broncos players, three celebrities and I've shot weddings out of the country in eight different states.

Besides all of that I have met some of the most incredible people along the way. I am SO blessed to have so many friends because of this "job" and to have an endless amount of referrals which has kept this business thriving. 

I never imagined any of this when I started my business. I had a passion for photography, family, love and building self confidence. I love every facet of my business. I hope I can document your life some time. 


Hey! I'm 

2019 my heart grew times three! On 1/1/19 Devon and I had our first date. Little back story, we went to high school together and I literally had the BIGGEST crush on him. It's pretty embarrassing when I share stories. Needless to say I died and went to Heaven when I woke up to a Facebook message from him. It's been fast moving ever since then. Mazzi is Devon's two year old Cane Corso. Four months into our relationship we got him a girlfriend and I got Bella. This is my first animal since my childhood. 

When I'm not spending all my time with these three, we love to travel, eat sushi, workout, take the dogs to the open space behind our house and relax. 

Devon, Mazzi & Bella

the loves of my life