Friends, my name is Katie Bradshaw

I call myself a Colorado native since I've lived here since I was 3 years old, although I was actually born in Seattle. I was just 18 years old when I began my company. In fact, I still remember designing my first logo while on a family vacation in Banff.

That was a crazy time in my life... I was working part-time as a receptionist, going to school to earn my associate's degree in digital photography and working countless hours photographing friends, and family to hone my photography skills in an effort to get my company off the ground.

Three years later, I went full-time. Since then, it's been a crazy, wild ride building my business to what it is today and challenging myself and my business to dream big!

Outside of my passion for photography, I mentioned my love of travel. Each year since I was about seven my Mom and I have taken a mother/daughter trip. Our most recent travel has included: Quebec, Spain (Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid) and a road trip through Ireland (Yes. We drove!).

Meet my best friend, my mama and my second shooter!

When I started my business second shooters weren't very common. By the time 2013 rolled around, it became a must-have and I had my Mom, Chris, start shooting every wedding with me! We make such a great team on the wedding day and have so much fun. She took portraits of me my entire life, we've traveled around the world as a family and during those trips is when she taught me how to use a (film) camera! Teaching me to pay attention to what was in my frame in order to create the perfect image. Let alone the importance to document your life and how powerful photographs are. I got to return the favor and teach her all about digital! The images she captures on a wedding day tend to be some of my all time favorites!

I'm so glad you're here!

like i said

I love to travel!

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