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January 26, 2020

Volunteer Award : Minoru Yasui Community Award

I’m not sure where to start with how amazing and unexpected yesterday was. The Mayor of Denver proclaimed 1/23/20 as “Katie Bradshaw Day” during the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award ceremony. I’m the first recipient for 2020🥇I’ve loved working with Kenzi’s Causes for the last decade and I’m so happy my award earned them a $2000 grant. Thank you so much!

“Thank you so much to this organization for this award. I’d also like to thank Jessica & Julie with Kenzi’s Causes for nominated me.

I’m an entrepreneur and a volunteer. Having your own business you work work work and being a volunteer comes out of the goodness of your heart. Those are two roles that you really don’t take a step back and see what all you’ve accomplished. So this is a humbling experience and makes me emotional to receive this award because it’s unexpected and I’m just doing what feels right.

Similarly to the founder, Jessica, my volunteer journey started out of tragedy. I was involved in a couple Cancer organizations with my family after the loss of both of my Grandparents. So Volunteering and giving back is something I’ve known ever since I was little.

Once I started my photography business when I was 18 years old I became aware of the power I had with my camera and how priceless photography is. I worked with only a couple other organizations donating my time and talent until one day fate had Jessica and I meet about 8-9 years ago. I’ve faithfully worked with this amazing non profit since about a year after they started.

I know I can speak for the founder and I when I say It’s been the best experience to watch each others businesses grow. My role as a volunteer has changed throughout the years. I started and still photograph all their main fundraising events throughout the year. But something we started doing more recently is photographing the families that get adopted through the organization.

This is my favorite part. I have provided families with some of the ONLY professional photos they’ve ever had taken of their kids and as a family. I have been able to give high school students their very own senior portrait sessions. I have provided families who have suffered greatly the most priceless gift.

You don’t realize how much of a luxury photography can be. Hearing the families share in some of the organizations videos how much those photos mean to them is the best feeling.

Thank you again for this incredible award, thank you to to Kenzi’s Causes and thank you to my amazing parent’s who raised me to be kind, generous and a damn hard worker. Thank you.”

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