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December 12, 2017

Must Have Apps for Business Owners

Running a business is so rewarding but it’s also the hardest thing you’ll ever do. People forget (and don’t see) how much goes on behind the scenes and it’s A LOT! I’m sharing with you four apps that are a must have for running any type of business. Only one of them is strictly photography related.

Entrepreneurial Business Applications

If you’re any type of business owner, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed with how much you need to keep up on behind the scenes. Luckily there are some amazing tools out there available for download in your iTunes or Google Play store. Here are four of them that are a must have for me – one of them is photography related (BlogStomp) but all the others can be used for any business.

First up (not in any particular order) –  The Square. It’s a secure credit card processing tool. I’m sure your hairdresser owns one, as well as your local coffee shop. I see them everywhere. It’s free to sign up and you’ll receive a free magstripe (card reader) in the mail. You plug it into your phone and you’re able to make transactions right then and there. Why I love it so much (and use it the most) is the invoicing system. You can easily send invoices from your computer or phone and collect payment over the internet. I especially use it for receiving deposits from my clients.

BlogStomp (photography related – skip to the next if this doesn’t apply to you) changed the game for me! It made blogging and posting on social media so much more streamlined and FAST! It’s a one time fee of $49 and you’re able to download it on two computers. Perfect for a desktop and laptop. You upload all the photos you’re wanting to share online. There are several amazing features on BlogStomp. First, you can add your logo on all of your images before posting to the internet. Second, you can select multiple images, go through the templates and have one beautifully curated image that’s perfect for blog posts! Last, you can size all the images for the web. It’s an amazing tool – I can’t say enough good things about it.

Planoly is a new one I just downloaded and never knew I needed until now. It’s an app for scheduling posts on Instagram. I especially got it so I could plan how my Instagram will visually look. Being a photographer I really need my Instagram to be beautiful, eye pleasing and the photos really need to work together as a whole. This allows me to upload (30 images a month with the free version) photos I want to post. I can then drag them around until my feed is pleasing to the eye. Then, you can actually pre plan all your posts! What a time saver. It also creates more value to your posts. Instead of hurrying to post something you can carefully create meaningful posts with valuable information way ahead of time. From there you can set a date and time you’d like the photos to be posted and the app will remind you once it’s time to post! Plus it’s FREE!

Saving the best for last…MileIQ! Where has this app been all my life?! Tracking mileage is the biggest headache. I never found a good system for it. I would write down in a spiral notebook where I drove. Then when I was ready to put it into my spreadsheets I’d have to plug everything into Google Maps to get the exact distance. I’d forget to write things down, then try to reconstruct my month… it was seriously the WORST! MileIQ is SO WORTH IT. It automatically tracks all your drives and will store them in the app until you go through them. You classify your drives as either business or personal. It knows the government reimbursement rate and tells you how much money, miles and drives you’ve logged. At the end of the month, or year, you can export all your data into a spreadsheet and use that for your taxes. AMAZING!!!

Here are the live links for easy access

Planoly – FREE or $9/mon


Mile IQ – $5.99/mon or $59.99 a year


Square – FREE plus 2.75%

BlogStomp – $49


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