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November 17, 2017

Free Lightroom Preset & Lightroom Hack!!!

The best editing program for photographers is Lightroom hands down. You can download and use the program for $9.99 a month. This is the only program I have used in my seven years of business. It’s user friendly and has everything you need to easily edit. There are two features that should be your best friend to help you streamline your editing and help you get done fast.

Say hello to the preset and sync button, your new best friends. This allows you to edit one photo to your specific style and then you can copy and paste it to all your other photos! This will help you cut your editing time in HALF! The first step is to create your very own preset specific to your editing style. If you need help getting started with that I’m offering my personal preset completely for FREE! Just enter in your email here and it’ll be emailed to you. My pet peeve is when you download a photographer’s preset and it’s so drastic it makes your image look terrible! I don’t over edit my images, never have. I try to shoot as correctly as possible in camera so I then have very little editing to do. I mainly warm the images slightly, sharpen, bring in some contrast and that’s about it. So my preset is very light and makes minimal (but necessary) adjustments and it’s a good base to start. From there you can tweak it more for your specific images.

Here are some examples of my preset. The before is on the left and after on the right. As you can tell it’s subtle and it warms the image and makes it crisp! After I apply the preset I like adding a little vibrance to it as well and tweaking the image more if needed.

The preset does exactly what I need. For this image below I would turn down the highlights just a bit so you can see a little bit more of the detailing of the gown and flowers. 

I had Kelsey in the shade for this image. So after the preset I would play with the color balance ever so slightly. I could either warm it a little more or turn down the tint to take out the purple and bump up the exposure just a bit. But it looks pretty dang good with just the preset. 

Once you apply the preset to your image the next thing is to select all your images and hit the sync button on the bottom right. This copy and pastes it to all your images!!! TIME/LIFESAVER! The sync button can be used even if you’re not using a preset. I use it to batch edit images that were all taken in the same exact spot. Edit one image, select all of them taken in the same spot and sync your settings. Boom, you’re done. Then batch edit the next set taken in a different spot since the lighting and your settings will vary as you move around your location.

I hope that was helpful to some of you and will save you time! Be sure to enter your email at the link above to get my own personal KB preset!

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