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September 6, 2017

Prep for a wedding day – Photographer Edition

Prepping for a wedding day shouldn’t be stressful. (Maybe that’s just me 7 years into the biz and I got it down to a science). But really, I keep all my gear in one place and in one bag and that’s where it lives at all times. So all I have to do is grab my larger bag plus my fanny pack and I’m ready to go.

My larger bag is a Canon bag that came with my Mark IV when I purchased it. Inside it I have 4 flashes. One set for me and one set for my second shooter. We use one on our camera for when we’re shooting receptions and the other is for off camera flash, if the venue needs it. I also have battery chargers, some other random lighting tools I rarely use and I keep the macro lens in there as well. The battery chargers come in handy. I’ve found my new Mark IV uses up battery life substantially more than the III. You can read about my other lenses here. I also buy tons of double AA batteries so I’m always stocked up on those.

My second shooter is responsible for her camera and two lenses as well as charging her batteries. 

So the most I do to prep my gear is make sure my camera batteries are all charged up and ready to go and I reformat all my memory cards so they’re empty. My two tripods and wheelie cart are always in my trunk. A newly added element we bring with us to a wedding is our styling kit for all the details. My second shooter is in charge of this and it has ribbon, flowers, fabrics and some other goodies to help style the jewelry, invitations and other details on beautiful backgrounds.

What I think is just as important if not more is how you prep your body. I make sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat really well before a wedding day. We bring lots of water with us and snacks. I haven’t been as religious with this as I need to be but taking an Aleve, cherry pill and Emercen-C the morning of is great for your body, muscles and to make sure you don’t pick up any germs! We also wear really good walking (dress) shoes, padded socks and compression tubes/socks to help with all the standing and walking we do for 8 hours.

It’s a simple as that! Don’t forget to print the photo timeline for the day as well or you can screenshot it and have it as the background on your phone. Happy shooting!


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